Friday, September 30, 2016

Back in Arizona!

We arrived back at our winter home in Gold Canyon on Monday. The site looks empty, abandoned.

This looks a little better. Our truck and trailer are in place and we even have the patio mat and chairs in place.

In June when we bought the Airstream, we had 8 boxes of stuff that had been in our 5th wheel that wouldn't fit in the new trailer. We stored those boxes at our son Eric's house in Littleton and when we arrived here he shipped them to us via FedEx. They arrived Wednesday. Just look at the mess throughout the house as we unpacked.

We have most of it put away now. We have made one run to Goodwill, donating things we haven't used all summer and don't need here in the house. We have more of that to go. But things are shaping up.

So, what is this all about?

Today we took the trailer to RV Renovators in Mesa. We have purchased 2 recliners so they are making room for them, removing the original couch. We are also having some new storage built in place of the original booth of table and benches. We haven't found the Airstream comfortable to sit in the the storage was difficult to access. These changes will make the unit much better for living in six months or so each summer.

We're excited.


  1. Welcome home! We'll be there the end of October. Can't wait to see the Airstream.

  2. Its always good to be back "home".