Sunday, August 28, 2016

Scenes Around Missoula

Our time in Missoula included a visit to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Visitor Center. The foundation encourages and supports maintenance of elk habitat around the country so elk and other wildlife populations can grow. We learned that elk originally thrived all over North America but population growth and over hunting nearly wiped out many of the herds. Through efforts of the foundation and others, the populations of different types of elk are growing.

This is a magnificent Rocky Mountain elk is one example of the breed on display there.

Many other species of animal also thrive in the elk habitat.

One day we visited the Southgate Mall to see their display of historic photos of Missoula and to get some exercise. (In case you didn't know, indoor malls are a great place to walk.)  The mall had beautiful hanging baskets at all of the entrances.

This photo of the Milwaukee Road train at the Missoula Railroad Depot was one of the old pictures.  We seem to be following this train route around the state.

This is one of three hallways at the mall that displays the city's history.

The Clark Fork River winds it way through Missoula. We were able to walk along the river trail.

There are several bridges across the river and some have pedestrian walkways below the roadbed.

The river-side trail continues east of downtown--along the old Milwaukee Road line of course. They even left one of the railroad signals.

After our visit to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, we walked along the Granite Creek Trail. It was easy to find places to walk in Missoula.


  1. Have y'all visited the National Bison Range...we will probably be volunteering there next summer. How is the weather right now?

  2. No, we haven't visited there. I know that it snowed last week in Yellowstone, it is 37 degrees at 10 am in Missoula today and the low last night in Rawlins, WY, where we are, was 42. Brrr