Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We've Decided

Recently, I blogged about trying to find out if registering our truck and trailer in Arizona would be any less expensive than in Colorado. Today, we drove to the Apache Junction branch of the Pinal County motor vehicle division. I learned it would cost about $1,609.75 this year to license our RV. Since we only have to pay $1303.30 to renew the license in Colorado, guess what we chose? We will remain as residents of Colorado.

For all of you who live in states like Texas or Wisconsin or Pennsylvania, either of these amounts probably astound you. They do, me, too. But I guess it is what we pay to be in beautiful places like Colorado or Arizona.

On another note, who on earth would take this picture, much less post it on their blog?

Just someone who hasn't had a dishwasher for six years. These are our new dishes, washed so we can use them when we move into our winter home.


  1. That thing in the photo looks vaguely familiar!
    I've been catching up on blogs and just read about your computer problems. Our new Dell is working fine so far but we've only had it a little over a week. The Acer barely made it 10 days before it stopped working. Lenovo has a reputation up there with the Macs so you should be good with that one.
    We'll be at McDowell Mt the whole month of Dec. Hope we can get together for a hike.

  2. Thanks for the info, (about AZ Auto Registration)
    Maybe I will need to re-think about where to register our vehicles, I think it's cheaper here in Taxifornia.