Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Today, we drove to the county seat of Pinal County, where we are currently living and where our new winter home is located. We knew that Florence was the county seat and knew where the courthouse was located, so that is where we headed. We wanted to find our if it would be less expensive to license our truck and trailer here in Arizona, rather than in Colorado, since we now own property here.

This is the Pinal County Courthouse--the second Pinal County Courthouse.

The central stairway is impressive.

The building was constructed in 1891 and restored in 2012. But notice, I said second county courthouse. Come to find out, there was a third and fourth county courthouse. The third courthouse was built in 1961, though the second still housed county offices. The fourth courthouse was built in 2004. and houses the Sheriff's office, jail and courts.

This shows how the courthouse looked in 1895.

The 2nd edition has been restored as an historic property. But there is no motor vehicle office there. In fact, there is no motor vehicle office in Florence. Those are located in Coolidge and in Apache Junction, which is right next to Gold Canyon, where we are staying!

Next time I head out to a government office, I will do an internet search to make sure I am headed to the right place. We did, however, enjoy checking out the second Pinal County Courthouse.


  1. Ha! Funny. Vehicle registration is really expensive, but since Colorado is bad too, maybe it's no worse.

  2. Sounds like something we would do! We compared AZ to FL, where our vehicles are registered. We were SHOCKED at the AZ rates. Needless to say, we're still registered in FL. I don't know anything about CO, so it will be interesting to hear what you learn.

  3. Enjoy the winter in the South warm States,I wish we could do the same and travel in the summer through the North States and winters in the South...
    Almost finished planning our 2015 RV summer trip that will be our 14th in a row:Colorado-Utah-Nevada-Eastern California.
    Hope to meet you guys one day.
    Stay warm