Friday, October 31, 2014

Yes, You Can

You really can find a bedspread online that is what you want and that is not a comforter. It did come with pillow shams and extra pillows we really didn't need. But we are happy. And, after placing the order last Saturday, it was delivered on Thursday. Isn't it pretty?

Happy Halloween, everyone. I really haven't enjoyed this holiday since becoming a teenager. I didn't really enjoy putting together costumes for our boys and I hated it when I had to wear a costume at work. But lots of adults are into the day. Our RV resort, Canyon Vistas, is decorated for the occasion and had a dance night. Needless to say, we didn't go, but we did check out the resort decorations after dark.

During a quick stop at Fry's today, we saw two employees decked out for the day.


  1. The bedspread looks great. I might have to look online for one. Personally, I loved making costumes for the girls. Now they just buy them. What fun is that?

  2. Nice looking bedspread. What would we do without the internet??