Thursday, October 30, 2014

What Are We Doing?

              We are excited about our new winter home and anxious to move in.  I am not-so-patiently waiting for the concrete to be poured for our RV pad and car port/patio and parking space.  We probably won’t be able to move in till the end of December, after the RV pad cement cures for 4 weeks.
              We aren’t “hanging up our keys”, however.  We still plan to be long-timers, though not full-time RVers.  For six years before we moved into our RV full-time, we spent about half the year traveling.  The last time we spent less than a month traveling in our RV was in 2002. 
              The day will surely come that we are either unable or not interested in RV travel, but we don’t see that time coming very soon.  We are already planning next year’s travels.
              For the past 6 years we have been spending our winters in either Arizona or Texas.  In many ways, our life won’t change much.  Now, we will be living in our winter home during those months, instead of in our RV.  The home is better-insulated, so we won’t be as tied to the heat index in Arizona as in the past. We will be 10 miles further east than in the past—closer to some hiking, further away from other trails.
              We are making new friends and missing our neighbors in Valle del Oro.  But we know, we will soon have good relationships here, as well.  It is a new chapter in our lives, though not too different from what we have been living.


  1. Best wishes for you in the new home.

  2. Best wishes for you in the new home.

  3. I think that you found the right balance between RVing and a brick house-enjoy

  4. A winter home? That is exciting news. All the possibilities for your domestic lives that such a purchase brings, since it is a brand new configuration in that sense. It's like, you deal with all the financial worries and you set yourselves off into a new plane. Congratulations and all the best!

    Chad Nelson @ Iron Point Mortgage