Thursday, October 16, 2014

Was I Ever Wrong

On Sunday, October 5, in a blog post titled Busy or Quiet?, I wrote:

It is good to be settling down for a few months. Our reservation runs through March. The resort will get busy in 2 or 3 months, but our life will be quieter than it has been since last April.

Two weeks ago today, we were in Holbrook, AZ, and the next day we drove to Mesa where I made the above-mentioned blog post. On Tuesday, 2 days after that blog, we visited Superstition Views at Canyon Vista to look at the park model/homes they are offering there. We decided to buy a show home.

Two days later, exactly one week ago today, we moved from Mesa to Canyon Vistas. Tuesday, 2 days ago now, we signed the papers and paid for the house. In between, we pulled together the necessary funds  and met with the construction manager to plan the concrete work for the front yard and a workshop, to be built there as well.

Yesterday, we started to look at new furniture. Since we sold or gave away all the furniture we used to have in our Colorado house, we need to start from scratch. Linens, dishes and cooking equipment will also be needed.

Did I say "our life will be quieter than it has been"? NOT. Maybe come January. But we are excited. We can't move there till the concrete out front is poured and cured, but we should be able to move by December.


  1. How fun your next month or two will be. Congrats again on your new home.

  2. Busy fun times ahead for the next few months.