Friday, October 24, 2014

Furniture Arrives

It is really fun to buy furniture to fill a small house! Monday, we finalized the purchase of our winter home. We had already done a little shopping and price-comparison for furniture, so Wednesday we bought what we needed from American Furniture Warehouse. That company has been in Colorado for years. Jake Jabs has now opened two stores in the Phoenix area. We were delighted when we learned it would be delivered today.

This is what the interior looked like when we unlocked the door this morning.

A few minutes later, this truck pulled up out front.

Adam and Chris were quick to begin unloading the furniture and bringing it inside.

When I say quick, I mean quick. They ran everywhere--at least until they came inside with an item of furniture,then they were slow and careful.

After placing the couch, they opened it and showed us how the hide-a-bed worked.

Soon the bed frame was assembled.

The table was put together.

Here is our table and chairs. We have a leaf to expand the table so it will seat 6 when we have company.

Here is our living room. We are still waiting for one end table and a cabinet from American and two LaZBoy chairs.

After we put the sheets on, this is what our bedroom looks like. We still need a spread. So far, our shopping has shown that we can buy comforter sets that include 4 to 6 pieces or a quilt. What happened to good our bed spreads?

We had been given a window of 9:15 to 11:45 am for the furniture delivery. Chris and Adam called about 8:15 and arrived at 8:30. They were done by no later than 9:30 and did a great job of setting up and explaining everything. We were very pleased.


  1. I bet you can order a bedspread online. I tried finding pleated drapes and stores no longer carry them, but I ordered some from
    Have fun decorating!

  2. love the style.. wishing you lots of good years and memories in your new home

  3. Looks like things are falling into place nicely. Just had to replace a comforter and couldn't find one just by itself, finally found one with just a few small pillow that I don't need. Didn't want to get a king set as our bed is a queen, but since Dave steals the covers wanted a king comforter. Nice that you were able to find a company originally from CO.

  4. Looks great! I wondered that about bed spreads too. All those pillows can drive you nuts.

  5. Looks wonderful...many more happy years there.