Sunday, October 05, 2014

Busy or Quiet?

Our trip to Mesa for the winter took us from Raton, NM, to Albuquerque and on into Arizona. When we arrived at American RV in Albuquerque on September 30, we settled into our site and thought we might almost have the park to ourselves.

We should have known better. The annual Albuquerque Balloon Festival was scheduled for Oct. 3 and 4. As the afternoon wore on, we watched more and more RVs come in. There were very few, if any, sites available by nightfall. The same thing happened the next day. Most of the RVs left and a whole new wave checked in. We decided it would be good to make a reservation the next night at OK RV in Holbrook, Arizona. We had never needed one there before, but is still seemed like a good idea. It was. When I called and asked for a 50-amp site, I learned there was only one available and only because someone had just cancelled their reservation.

This is what the campground looked like when we got set up Thursday about noon.

This was our view out the dining room window as the sun was setting about 6 pm. OK RV is the only park we have been in all summer with this kind of side-by-side hookups.

When we woke up Friday morning, the park was almost completely full. We have never seen it that packed. Glad we had reservations.

Friday we drove on to Mesa and arrived at Valle del Oro about noon. The balloon festival is nowhere near, so it is quiet here now and will be most of the month. Here is what it looks like on our street now.

It is good to be settling down for a few months. Our reservation runs through March. The resort will get busy in 2 or 3 months, but our life will be quieter than it has been since last April.


  1. Glad you made it to AZ okay. We made a few reservations now if we can stick to the schedule, need to replace a tire (or 4) so we'll see what happens over the next two weeks in IL.

  2. Have a great winter with good weather.