Friday, March 28, 2014

Family Time

One of the great things about spending the winter in Arizona is the fact our son in Colorado loves to come here with his family for spring break. Wednesday night, they came to our place for dinner. Except for wind, the weather was beautiful and we sat outside for a while.

Afraid that the wind would blow our plates of food away, we came inside for the rest of the evening. Fourteen-year-old Kylie was in fashion with a stocking cap on her head while wearing shorts and a tank top. She loves to take pictures with her iPhone, especially selfies.

Her 8-year-old (going on 9) brother, John, also had a stocking cap.

They enjoy playing Old Maid.

Thursday we spent most of the day at the Phoenix Zoo. Here are the grandchildren in front of a large noodle.

The petting zoo was a highlight of our time at the zoo. Kylie enjoyed combing this goat. She even took a selfie of the goat!

This goat so wanted to be petted, he first cuddled up to me, then to John.

Grandson John and his siter both tried milking the plastic cow.

A living cow was preparing to give birth in a nearby stall, but we all decided not to wait around and watch.

The zoo here is wonderful and we had a good time walking to nearly all of the animal areas. There were a large number of turkey vultures. What interesting-looking heads they have.

Another exhibit had a different type of vulture. I only saw them from a distance and don't know what kind they are. But I don't think I would like to meet them up close!

Young John's favorite was the tortise. I didn't get a good photo of it, but I was able to get one of Kylie's favorite, the giraffe.

They sold snow cones in one snack stand. I think this young boy had his hair painted to advertise the different snow cone flavors.

Look at this sleeping female lion. She doesn't look very dangerous at this moment.

We were fascinated by these graceful gerenuks.

We were able to walk through an enclosed area with these small monkeys. They are so cute.

Who knew that elephants sleep on their side, just like horses? A little later, we saw her (him?) up walking around.

These warty pigs are a little scary looking. The zoo keepers spend a lot of time in close contact with the animals so they know humans are safe and so the keepers are able to examine the pigs and give them shots.

There were lots of other animals, but if you want to see them, you will have to make a trip there yourself. This blog is long enough.

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