Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We Have Our Ducks in a Row


Our intarsia ducks, that is. We both finished the projects from the intermediate class we took last month. And we feel very good about how we did.

At the first of the month, all the craft shops and groups here at VDO exhibited their best works. They were so much fun to look at. Several intarsia projects were made by our neighbors and by instructors in our class. Joe from British Columbia, who stays down the street from us, made this view of a man rowing a canoe.

He also made an urn to use for cremation ashes after his death and that of his wife. We hope it isn't needed for years to come, but it is always good to plan ahead.  Some of the men in the shop played a joke on Joe.  They took chicken bones, boiled them clean and ground them up.  Then they put them in the urn.  Joe's response, "Wait till next year.  Payback is sweet."

This project was made by Cal, who taught the intermediate class.

And these two were made by Susan, who assisted with the class.

Here are some more outstanding intarsia pieces. Hopefully, we can do this well with a few years' practice.

Another neighbor, Jane, made this leaded glass window for her home in British Columbia.

Zipper art is a kind of sand painting done by outlining the pictures with the teeth of metal zippers, then filling in the spaces with colored sand. This project was on display. One of our neighbors, Joe's wife Isabel, does this type of work, but this is not her picture.

This is one of a number of wonderful carvings on display.

This bear is a horse-hair ceramic project. I think these items are so pretty.

There was a large quilt show, made my women from the sewing room. Here are two close-ups of quilt details and a short video showing a number of the quilts on display.


  1. You post today makes me want to hitch up and join your camp so I can learn to do some of these wood carvings. Beautiful! Thank you.

  2. Very nice, looks like lots of talented people there.

  3. That intarsia looks like something I would be interested in doing. I love your Canada Geese.

  4. Your ducks are wonderful! Although like the previous comment stated, I guess they are geese. I love to see what crafty people come up with. Coincidentally, I saw one of those zipper art pictures in Goodwill the other day and pointed it out to Ron as interesting. Now we know what it was.