Sunday, February 16, 2014

Woodcarving Extraordinare

John has been carving figures of people, walking sticks and relief carvings of animals for years. Recently, we have been making intarsia pieces out of wood. So it was a no-brainer to attend the 25th annual Western Woodcarving Show and Sale this weekend in Mesa. It was a very popular event. Look at all these people.

We saw many great pieces. There were walking sticks.

And small folk figures.

Other carvings were more like sculptures.

Birds and other wildlife are popular subjects.

It is sometimes difficult to tell which kestrel is live and which is a carving. There was a wildlife group there with several live birds.

If you look really close as the following picture, you will see that the piece was carved by John and Carol. But we are not that John and Carol.

Wood burning--or pyrography--is another type of woodwork displayed at the show.

There was hand-made furniture.

Several classes of box making. Would you believe, this one was made by a novice?

This bowl and pitcher received a best of show ribbon in the advanced class of "turnings, segmented." (I think that means it is made of segmented wood and turned or shaped on a lathe.) Isn't it beautiful? It was made by a Canadian who spends his winters about three sites down the road from us. Vern made the new drawers in our kitchen, as well.


  1. Some very talented artist there, what a great show to attend.

  2. Those are absolutely wonderful. Your neighbor's bowl and pitcher are phenomenal.