Monday, February 10, 2014

Amazing What These People Do

Saturday, we attended the 11th annual Weurtz Farm Running of the Gourds Festival at the Pinal County Fairgrounds in Casa Grande. It has been three years since we last visited the festival and we were again amazed at the quality and variety of creations that gourd artists produce. This is the raw materials they start with.

Believe me, I know I couldn't do much with one of these gourds. I have tried. But there are olthers that are much more talented. Just look at these.

Paint and wood burning were used to create this tiger.

Add carving to those techniques and some people can make a beautiful eagle.

Fiber and beads were added to this one.

On this one, they used carving and paint and added metallic items.

These are made special on order. The top face is deeply carved, then paint and fabric and small round heads were added to produce this Spanish-influenced storyteller.

I'm not sure what all was done on these gourds but the artist produced a very different look.

On this one, the artist used carving and fiber and either stones or stone shavings for the accents. (I saw stone shavings for sale in one booth.)

Between the two of us, we have almost 100 photos of what we saw at the festival. Don't worry, I won't post all of them, but I will be showing more of what we saw and did there in future posts.


  1. Amazing what some folks can do with gourds.

  2. I don't know. I think you and John should try gourds next year. You guys can do anything!