Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We're Out of There

At least for three days. We have been sitting still for so long, it was time to go on the road. And it is a good way to celebrate John's birthday. We packed a suitcase, locked up the trailer and drove south to Rio Rico, Arizona. We are in a resort 17 km north of Nogales. For some reason, I-19 south of I-10 is measured in kilometers. Our resort/motel is very attractively decorated.

We passed the beautiful Mission San Xavier del Bac on the way down here.

We spent most of today exploring the small town of Tubac. We resisted the clothing, jewelry and decorative items, but we enjoyed looking at everything and had a very good lunch at the DeAnza Restaurant. This is the building that houses the restaurant.

And here are our enchilada and burrito.

Here are some scenes in the town and of the shops.


  1. Happy Birthday, John! Nice place to celebrate. Tubac is such a colorful little town.

  2. Nice birthday!!! That is an interesting area...we have been to Nogales, but not Rio Rico.