Sunday, February 02, 2014

Lunch with Old Friends

Last week we met friends for lunch in Gold Canyon. John has known Dave and Alice since high school. Since they winter in Arizona, also, we get together once or twice each year. We met them in front of the Red Sage Restaurant in Gold Canyon. But, lo and behold, the restaurant is closed and sports a large sign reading "restaurant location available." So, it was on to plan B.

We drove a few blocks to De La Cruz Mexican Grill. The food was OK and we visited for over two hours, seated on the outdoor patio. After the rough start, everything went just fine--until a bird sitting in the overhead tree pooped on John's head! We decided it was time to go home. We plan to see them poop!


  1. LOL, don't know what it is with these birds lately they sure have good aim, we were sitting outside for happy hour and my girlfriend got pooped on too.

  2. Isn't that supposed to be good luck? At least that's what I was told when a sea gull got me at the Jersey shore.