Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What a Difference

What a difference a few days make. This is what the Mueller campground looked like a week ago.

That was May 14. May 17 was the first day we accepted reservations here. That seemed to open the floodgates. The campground was full Friday and Saturday. This is what we saw last Saturday.

In addition, a number of folks brought their horses to Mueller for a trail ride.

Right now, we are back to a quiet, almost empty campground. But this coming weekend is Memorial Day, the real start of the camping season in Colorado. We understand the campground will be fairly full all week long from then on.

There are a lot of wild turkey at Mueller. Wednesday, as we driving out the entrance road, we saw these four hurrying into the forest.

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  1. So I guess people just need reservations to feel secure.