Monday, May 27, 2013

Time with Family

Twenty-six years ago, right after John graduated from seminary, we returned to Colorado and he preached at the wedding of his niece Jennifer Abbott to Scott Fawaz, recently graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy. We have seen them in the years since in Colorado, Ohio, and the Netherlands. Several months ago, they sold their house in South Carolina and returned to Colorado. Somehow, Scott lost his wedding ring during that move. Jennifer had a new one made and Saturday they came to Mueller State Park so John could bless the ring.

It was very informal, sitting outside. After the blessing, Scott and Jennifer kissed.

Scott's brother, Garrett, and his wife Carmae were visiting. Since Garrett was Scott's best man 26 years ago, it was very appropriate to do the blessing while they were here.

Scott and Jennifer's daughter Sarah came, as well.

John was honored to perform the ring blessing for Scott and Jennifer. We feel they have been a real part of our lives over the years, including confirmations and baptisms and exploring far away places. We love them and their family and it was a special afternoon.

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