Friday, May 10, 2013

More Cold and Snow

Wednesday night it snowed again. When we went to work Thursday morning, everything looked like it had been frosted. Remember when we frosted our Christmas trees? It was beautiful the first part of the morning.

John had a bunch of snow to shovel around our RV, as well out front of the comfort station across the road. The trees were really loaded with the heavy, wet snow.

This is the 5th wheel hitch we took out of our old truck. Anyone interested in buying it? We will clean off the snow cover. We plan to buy a new, automatic sliding hitch for the new truck.

We didn't get too much sleep overnight while it was snowing. About 2 am, I realized it was really cold in the RV. I checked the stove and found we didn't have any propane flowing. John went out and turned on the other tank. Still no heat. We had a very small flame on the stove burner, but no heat. An internet search suggested that meant the pressure regulator wasn't working correctly. Since we knew the now-empty tank on the other side of the RV had been working fine, John switched the two tanks--in the middle of the night in the middle of a snow storm! Finally, the furnace started and kept running. That was at about 3 am.

It is May and the snow melts quickly. But then the moisture freezes overnight. Look at our truck this morning.

In the past three days, we have seen wild turkey, mule deer, elk and coyote. The deer were right out front of our RV, the elk on a hillside in the park, the turkey near the maintenance shop. We saw the coyote on the road into Divide. I only caught the deer and elk in my camera.

Where is spring? Hopefully, these May snow showers will bring June flowers here in the mountains.


  1. Just keep thinking about how nice it will be in August.

  2. its amazing how everything happens in the middle of the night and during a snow storm! glad you got the furnace working.

  3. Every season brings its beauty,we cannot control the weather so just enjoy it as it comes.

  4. Still really jealous of all you full-timers snowed in Colorado and Wyoming! Would trade this Arizona sunshine for the white fluffies any day!!!

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  5. You have taught us not to go to Colorado in May!