Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Monday, we took our truck to Maxair in Colorado Springs to have a spray-in bed liner applied. When that was completed, they installed our toolbox. We carry a lot of stuff in that toolbox and we are glad to have it back in place. We had to take all that stuff out and stow it away in our RV and in the RV basement so it could be removed from the old truck and moved to the new truck. For a week, we have been living in the midst of a crowded mess.

Since the work on the truck was going to take 7 to 9 hours, we had a lot of time to fill. The truck is our only vehicle so Maxair dropped us off at The Citadel Shopping Center for the day. What do you do for a full day at the mall? First, we used the mall halls to get 3 miles of walking. We had to stop and look at the puppies in the pet store.

Next, we went to the food court where we ate some cookies and read our kindles. By then, the Verizon store was open and John was able to upgrade his phone. All day on our hands, John bought an iPhone! We have both joined the 21st century--at least where our phones are concerned. I tried to buy some tops, but couldn't find anything I liked.

We checked out some free-standing stores around the mall, then had lunch at IHOP. Then we settled into some comfortable couches to do more reading.

Finally, about 3:30 they picked us up and we had our truck back. Doesn't the truck bed look nice?

Today, we put all the stuff back in the tool box. Yea! Next week, we have another long day of waiting at Maxair while they install a hitch and some other add-ons. That day, we plan to go to a movie.

At 14,114 ft, Pikes Peak dominates the skyline in southeastern Colorado, no matter where you are. Named for Zebulon Pike, probably the first American to sight the peak in 1806, it is a landmark to everyone traveling in this part of the state. This is the view we have from Mueller State Park.

This is what it looks like when we drive on a road near St. David's Episcopal Church in Woodland Park, where we have been worshiping.

We could clearly see it from Colorado Springs, as well.


  1. A whole day at the mall would be tough for me too. It looks like you were prepared. The liner is beautiful. I thought about doing that and probably should have. The bed really got beat over the years.

  2. Nice looking truck bed,it was worth waiting.