Thursday, May 02, 2013

Summer Job?

What on earth is this about? We came to Mueller State Park in Colorado for a summer job. We started work yesterday, May 1, and look at what we encountered. As we were learning about the job, it started snowing.

By the time we got back to our RV about 2:30, we sure hoped the "Arctic Package" on our trailer would keep us warm and safe.

The weather report on the internet shows the snow (in blue) surrounding our location (the red pin). And look at the temperature!

We put aluminum sun shields in our windows to help keep out the cold over night. The low this morning, before the sun came up, was 11 degrees. We did, however, make it through the cold night just fine. We haven't dealt with real snow for 3 years. John was out of practice shoveling.

But we have to admit, it is beautiful outside. We always enjoyed snowscapes--until we decided to escape to Arizona in the winter. Our bikes had some snow on them.

And the landscape was beautiful.

I saw an American three-towed woodpecker (thanks, Carolyn) in a tree.

It's been fun to have a little blast of winter. But we are ready for at least spring, if summer is some way off.


  1. Carol, I think your woodpecker is a Three-toed Woodpecker!!! Check it out...that is a bird I do not have on my life list yet. Let me know what you find out. Nice one!!! Pretty snow pix.

  2. That snow is sooo beautiful and cold looking. Gosh, we have those silver foil pieces to put in our windows when it gets down to 40! We even have a blanket for the door. Glad you made it through. You know what they say, "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

  3. Hey that header picture would make a great Christmas card!