Wednesday, May 08, 2013

In late January 2009, we left Colorado and headed to Arizona to escape snow in the winter. We were both born and raised in Colorado and we had spent every winter of our lives with snow and cold--until 2009. Since then, we have been in various degrees of warmth and able to comfortably go outside every day--barring lots of rain or wind. We used to enjoy skiing and being outside, even in the snow and cold. But all that warm weather seems to have made us into wimps.

Shoveling snow last week really wasn't fun. Overnight temps in the 20s and low 30s are difficult. Even with down jackets, we prefer not to spend much time out in the cold. What has happened to us? When we agreed to spend the summer at 9,600 feet above sea level, we knew it would be cool, or even cold, at times. And we stowed away our shorts. But we didn't expect lots of snow and this much cold. The nighttime lows aren't as bad and daytime highs in the 40s.

We are trying to adapt and make the best of it. We haven't had anything like Christmas weather since 2008, so we are trying to enjoy the snow as if it were Christmas. And it really was this beautiful this morning with everything frosted in white.

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  1. You'd think they wouldn't even open the place until June. Does anybody come?