Friday, April 12, 2013

The Mother Road

Route 66, America's Main Street, The Mother Road. These are all names for the highway that was built from Chicago, Illinois, to Los Angeles, California. Route 66 passed through both Williams and Flagstaff in Arizona. Williams has really capitalized on this location. We enjoyed exploring historic downtown Williams, where we found murals,

and souvenir shops,

restaurants with decor reflecting our early love affair with the automobile.


This display brought back memories of one of my early jobs. My dad worked for Gates Rubber Company in Denver. The firm gave summer jobs to college student-children of its employees as a form of financial aid. One summer I worked in the fan belt warehouse section of the factory. These were the belts I worked with every day.

This is one of the early Route 66 road signs.

The Red Garter was an early brothel in Williams during the early mining days. It has been reconstructed today.

In the historic part of Flagstaff, we saw buildings and signs that have been maintained since those days of Old Route 66.

Flagstaff also has some impressive old buildings, like the County Courthouse, the Train Station, and this old church.

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