Friday, April 05, 2013

Montezuma Maintenance

When we visited Montezuma Castle, we saw workers, both park rangers and maintenance staff, taking ladders up toward the castle ruins. Along with lots of other visitors, we stopped to watch. They climbed one ladder, then handed other ladders up to the next level.

They kept moving equipment up until they had all they needed, then everyone climbed to that level.

Then a female ranger climbed up another level and secured that ladder at the top.

Next, it was up that ladder for all the staff and all the other ladders.

Again, she secured a ladder and they all climbed up to the castle.

Finally, it was time to take off the hard hats, move a few small pieces of equipment inside, and go in the castle.

We have no idea what work they were going to do. When we asked in the Visitor Center, the volunteer said, "I have no idea. Why didn't they invite me to come with them."

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  1. Shouldn't they just use the hand and toe holds?