Saturday, April 20, 2013

Takin' It Easy

Winslow is a small town in northern Arizona. US 66 went right through the town and now it sits on the edge of I-40.

We enjoyed exploring the town this week. Of course, this town is most well-known for the Eagle's song, "Taking It Easy, Standin' on the Corner in Winslow, Arizona." To be honest, I had never heard the sound until a couple of years ago when Barbara posted about Winslow. By the 70s, I was raising two boys, not listening to popular music. But, we couldn't miss out on seeing what made so many people come to this small town. They even made a park in the town, with a statue of a guitar player. We had to wait in line so John could take my picture there.

From that corner, we walked down the street a few blocks to the La Posada Hotel.

The hotel opened in 1930, one of the last Harvey House hotels along the Santa Fe Railroad. It was designed by Mary Coulter, who also designed the El Tovar Hotel, Hermit's Rest and Desert Tower at the Grand Canyon. The hotel is really neat. If I came here without my RV, I would like to stay there. Here are some views from the interior.

The hotel lobby is also a great gift shop, with Indian-made pottery and other artistic items.

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