Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Movin' On

We left the Grand Canyon today, driving as far as Winslow, Arizona. The trip was uneventful. It has been months and months since we parked in such an open spot. We are at Homolovi Ruins State Park. It almost seems we can see forever out both sides of the RV. No RVs, either direction.

We will enjoy all this space for four nights. We also enjoyed filling the fuel tank with diesel at $3.65 a gallon. In the past week, we have paid $4.49 and $3.99. This is great.

What wasn't great was encountering three snow showers today--on the road and while we were setting up. But at least the wind wasn't so bad that I-40 was closed like yesterday. glad we didn't want to drive east into New Mexico on I-10 today. That highway was closed due to wind.


  1. Great place to be in the winter,try to enjoy the many hot springs in N.M most are natural and enjoyable.
    Best of all

  2. Saw your comment on my blog. We are moving out today 4/18/13 to Winslow also! But we're staying at the Meteor Crater RV park. Sorry to have missed you.
    I have our blog addy on our RV and truck, in case people recognize it, they may stop by and introduce themselves. Safe travels.

  3. We just love the open space and privacy when we can get it. We have that at Cave Creek Regional Park too. We will be gong to Grand Canyon in a few weeks, unfortunately we will not fit into a site where you were at. We will have to stay down by Williams. Yesterday we saw Diesel for $3.59 at a station in Phoenix... but we were on the Harley so we couldn't get it! Its more everywhere else it seems.

  4. We are planning on being in that park this November! glad you are giving it a thumbs up!