Friday, November 30, 2012

Seeing Freinds

Yesterday, Ron and Barbara came to visit. Barbara is a train buff and wanted to see the VDO Garden Railroad and they wanted to check out the Country Store. The miniature buildings in the train setup are really well done.

This old house, with the housewife checking on the rabbit cages, is so realistic.

The horse-drawn Budweiser wagon passes behind the local automobile garage.

I think this train is my favorite, at least so far. The Oregon Lumber Co. RR wood-burning steam engine pulls passenger cars from the Denver and Rio Grande Western.

We checked out all the vendors at the Country Store and Ron and Barbara both bought something. We picked up a small gift for our grandson. Then we ate lunch. Every weekday, lunch is served here in the resort. Four days it comes from the Cactus Grill. On Country Store day it is served in the Fiesta Room. For residents who don't want to cook (I'm not one of them), it is possible to eat food prepared there every noon and one or more evenings a week. That is in addition to the substantial appetizers served at the Tiki Bar most evenings.

After lunch, we came back to our site and talked out doors for over an hour. It was a fun day.

Today, I picked up two completed pottery projects. Early in the month, I posted about making my first puzzle pot. Both of my puzzle pots had been fired, so I could bring them home. They aren't perfect, but not bad for my first attempts. John took my picture showing them off.


  1. Carol, I loved the moon shot. I took one as well but it did not turn out. What setting did you use?

  2. Thanks, Carolyn. That photo was taken at 1/30th of a second, F8. The camera was on Auto. I probably took a dozen or more that evening. The one I posted was taken from inside the rig with a light on. Most I took outside were over exposed and the moon moved or there was light reflected on the clouds. I think the secret was having enough ambient light to make the camera shoot at a (relatively) fast speed. When I was outside, some of the shots were at 1/8 sec.

  3. As you know John I am a railran, or feroquinologist, Love the pictures, If we weren't going to sell the house and full time , I could see a Garden railroad in my short future. Be safe out there and thanks for the pics. Sam & Donna..