Saturday, December 01, 2012


Although, at the end of the day, I accomplished most of the items on my to-do list, this day has not been all I hoped it would be.

I know that the US Postal Service wants to stop Saturday delivery of mail. But I didn't know that the counters at post offices are closed on Saturday. We had some gifts to mail to Sweden. They can't be mailed at the small post office in our resort, so today I drove to first one, then another nearby full-service post office. And neither one is open on Saturday! So those gifts haven't been mailed. I'll do it Monday.

Next, I went to Hobby Lobby to buy Christmas wrapping paper and some boxes for gift cards. I found some really pretty, shiny paper. Unfortunately, when I opened it at home, I discovered it is paper for lining baskets. It is clear! That won't hide the description of gifts for our New Hampshire granddaughters. Since I wanted to get the gifts wrapped and didn't want to drive to the store again, I covered the boxes with typing paper, then with the pretty, clear paper. Not a perfect solution, but the gifts are wrapped.

One task did go as planned. I am taking three dozen cookies to church tomorrow. I got the cookies mixed and baked, with an additional three dozen for John and me.

We have completed all our Christmas shopping for gifts that must be mailed. All of our Christmas cards are mailed or emailed. Two of the three sets of presents to be mailed are wrapped. I guess, since it is just December 1, we are in pretty good shape. How many of you are this far along?


  1. We arrived in Santa Ana on Friday. we have your old spot! ran into Kurt and Virginia. we have not seen Sam and Betty or Ken and Jane yet. everyone else is new! they are putting in a new electronic gate at Marinoff..

    1. Enjoy the site. You won't have armadillos there, though.