Monday, November 05, 2012

Western Shufflers

I know we live in a senior's resort, but it is for 55+ active adults. So, what is this sign about? Who is coming that shuffles?

Well, no one is being insulting or talking about people who only shuffle, not really walk. The Western Shuffleboard Tournament is being held here at Valle del Oro November 5-10. I haven't played shuffleboard since maybe church camp during grade school. But it is one of the popular sports here. Obviously, it is popular at other snowbird resorts, as well.

Today, (Thursday, Nov. 8) the Arizona Republic carried a story about the tournament. It gives more detail than I knew when I posted this blog.

I don't know how many teams came for this tournament. I do know that last year there were teams from California, as well as Arizona. Last year it was a lot colder in the mornings during the tournament. The folks from California were complaining. It makes the discs move either faster or slower, I don't remember which. Shuffleboard players here are hardy folks who are out there playing on December early mornings with gloves and hats.

Today, however, the first day of the tournament, is warm and beautiful. It is important to keep the courts clean.

Since resorts in the American southwest are very popular with Canadian snowbirds, flags for both countries' flags are flying.

I think this must be the proper stance for pushing the disc (also called puck or biscuit) because this woman did a good job of placing it just right.

She watched closely to see where it stopped.

Since I know nothing about scoring shuffleboard, I really don't know if these folks are doing well or not.

However, I found the following paragraph in an online article about the game and these scores seem to indicate neither side is anywhere near winning this game.

All National doubles tournaments shall be best two out of three 75 points games for the main and consolation divisions. Also games may be played in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, or 20 frames.

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