Sunday, November 25, 2012

Staying Flexible

It is important to stay flexible and go with the flow when plans change. Especially since we are retired and it is very seldom our plans really make a difference--to us or to others. It isn't like when we were working for a living or raising children.

This morning we left the RV at 9:30 to drive to church. Yesterday, one of the truck tires was low, so we went to the air pump and filled it. Everything was fine during our shopping trip. We checked the pressure again this morning and it was fine--for a while.

Soon the Pressure Pro began beeping. The tire that had been at 77 psi was down to 67 psi. Then to 66 psi. Change of plans. We used the GPS (we call her Cairn) to find a tire store. We spent the hour we would have been at church, and even more, waiting to get a new valve stem on the tire.

We were really sorry to miss the worship service. But we tried to make the most of our time, reading the very good selection of magazines at the tire store. I even copied two recipes from a Woman's Day.

This is the second time since we arrive in Mesa that the truck has kept us from church. In October we went to find a dead battery. That day we spent time with the AAA service tech, getting new batteries. He was a very nice and efficient young man.

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