Saturday, November 10, 2012

Buying Stuff

Thursday is Country Store day here. I imagine the store moves to other parks on other days, though I don't really know. Individual vendors fill the ballroom

the patio

and the parking lot.

The numbers and variety of things sold are amazing, ranging from beads and beaded jewelry (probably the largest number of sellers) to clothing to craft items and baked goods and diabetic shoes. Even air plants--epiphytes. (That is a fancy word we learned at Santa Ana NWR last year.)

There are even chairs for husbands waiting for their wives to finish looking--or buying.

We rarely buy things at places like this. But we got carried away this time, buying two light-weight hats, a basket for my bike and a small purse to hold my credit and ID cards.

The Valle del Oro Garden Railroad was operating for the first time this season. They are still getting everything set up, but it was fun to see a few of the trains. We learned that the various members of the club bring their own trains to operate on the railroad layout.

Obviously, someone is from Canada.

This car is cute.

And these are my favorites, at least so far. Steam engines are much prettier than diesel.

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  1. Love the hats and especially the train. We'll have to come see that.