Friday, November 09, 2012

Welcome Home

Each year, early in November, Valle del Oro holds a Welcome Home party for all the snowbirds who have arrived. Wednesday evening we were served BBQ ribs, beans, cornbread, coleslaw and ice cream, as well as beer, wine or soft drinks. And it was all free. I was amazed at how many people attended this year. The ballroom, which is filled on Thanksgiving, was packed; the patio was full of tables, and other seating was on the north side of the bocce ball courts. Each of the three areas had its own band. We were seated on the patio and listened to this band.

We sat with several other folks parked on our street. This photo shows Jane and Vern, Isabel and Joe, and a little bit of Larry (and his glass of wine). The two people on the left of the picture are friends of Jane and Vern, but I didn't get their names.

Barbara, in the hat on the left in this photo, was away from the table when I took the other picture.

As you can tell from what Barbara was wearing, the theme was western. The decorations were fun.

It was getting dark as we walked home. Several people were playing bocce ball. Hopefully, this year we will give this game a try.

This lighted bush is one of several new decorations installed over the summer. Each fall when we return, we find improvements that have been made in the park.

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