Thursday, September 06, 2012

Scenes in Wyoming

We are spending 3 nights in Cheyenne, waiting for Friday when our 2-week reservation at Chatfield State Park begins. Yesterday, John's sister Cindy and husband John drove up from Fort Collins to have lunch we us. We had a great time eating and talking at Olive Garden.

Then they came back to our RV to talk some more.

There are four people named John in our family, my John, our grandson John, and two brothers-in-law named John. It can be difficult to make it clear who you are talking about or to when we all get together.

The scenery across Wyoming is very different from what we saw as we drove through Canada and Alaska. These western plains have a beauty of their own. And the numerous snow fences make interesting patterns on the hills.

The wind blows here, a lot. So the wind turbines on the ridge make a lot of sense.

We even saw blades for a new turbine coming down the road. Isn't it huge?

Do you remember hearing about a whole town that was for sale earlier this year? That town is Buford, Wyoming. We passed it as we drove east in I-80.

Often, you see more pronghorn than cars as you drive through Wyoming.

And there is a large herd of buffalo here at Terry Bison Ranch RV.

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  1. So that.s where the blades were going. We had about 30 of them pass us on I-80 as we were heading east from Omaha to Amana Iowa.