Friday, September 28, 2012

Seeing Friends

We have had a good time seeing friends during our stay here in Denver.  By the end of this week, we have had lunch with two couples who are long-time friends. Thursday, we visited Larry and Betty at their new home in Longmont.  We have known them since our time in Boulder, when John was on the Boulder Police Department.


Sunday we visited with a number of friends at St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church, where John was rector in the 1990s.  It felt good to reconnect with those people and treasure the time we had there.

By the time we leave Colorado for Arizona, we will have seen both of John’s sisters and his brother and their spouses, as well as having several good visits with our son Eric, wife Liz, and grandchildren Kylie and John.  Wednesday we had dinner at their house. 


Over the winter in Arizona, we hope to have time to connect with RVing friends who also winter in the Valley of the Sun, as well as Colorado friends who come there to get away from the snow.

Living on the road, like we do, makes this time with family and friends even more special than it might be if we stayed here in Colorado year-round.  We spend most of our time away from these family members and friends.  John is my best friend, we talk almost non-stop, and really enjoy each other’s company.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t want and enjoy other people.  They are important to us.

Some RVers make new friends each night, wherever they are parked.  They enjoy sitting around a campfire—or just in a circle of friends in the campsite—getting to know one another and sharing stories of life on the road.  They quickly and easily hook up with others for daily meals out and sightseeing excursions.  That isn’t our style.  First of all, we don’t like campfires.  And we rarely go to a restaurant to eat.  Most of the time, we like to travel and sightsee on our own schedule. 

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