Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

We haven't been here in the Denver area for quite two weeks, but we have accomplished an amazing amount of work. This is our home base, so there was a lot to do. There have been the medical appointments: my mammogram, lab work for both of us, our annual physical exams, checkups with the dermatologist for both of us. All of those are done. We are happy to report that we are both healthy. We also got our flu shots last week while shopping for groceries. Next week we get our teeth cleaned.

But there were other items on the list we made as we drove here. We had to get an emission test on the truck. You might remember last March when we tried to get that done while we were in Texas. It seems they don't test diesel pickups there. We were able to renew our registration and license plates only by promising to have the test done when we came to Colorado in September. After passing the emission test, we had to go to the county clerk's office to get a new registration form that didn't have the big red warning about not having the test completed.

We have a storage unit here and needed to visit and pick up the items we left in May, knowing we wouldn't need them in Alaska.

One of the air bags in our truck suspension system was damaged during our travels, so we had both of them replaced. Purchasing new bikes was another item we have been able to cross off the list. We are looking for new chairs for the RV, so we visited the Lazy Boy store, but they didn't have two of anything we liked.

What is still on that list, in addition to the dentist appointments? A meeting with our financial adviser and getting the truck serviced.

All these are work to be completed. The social activities--spending time with Eric and his family, seeing friends, visiting John's sisters and brother--are all part of another list. We are working through that, as well.

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  1. We are planning to end our 2013 trip in the Denver area ,store the rig and fly out of Denver Airport home for the winter.
    Maybe this is a chance for us to finally meet.