Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Boat Ride

Friday, we moved from Chatfield State Park in Littleton to Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora.  Fourteen days out of 45 is the limit we can stay in any individual park. Before we packed up to move, we had a dramatic sunrise because of the smoky sky.


Saturday, Eric and his family brought their boat to Cherry Creek to check out the lake here.  We met them at the boat launch and spent about 3 hours cruising the lake.  It was a beautiful day.  They have a nice looking pontoon boat.


There was a large flock of pelicans on the lake.


When we came too close, they took flight.



This gull was feasting on a fish.


There were a number of western grebes on the lake.  They kept diving under water, looking for lunch.  This isn’t a great photo, but I did finally catch one above water.


We really enjoyed watching these cormorants drying their wings and warming up in the sun.


There were lots of sailboats on the water.  Since there was a decent wind, it was fun to watch them.


And, of course, we took pictures of our grandchildren.  John posed as a tough guy.


And Kylie showed us some ballet positions.


After they pulled the boat out of the water, everyone came to our RV site for a late taco lunch.

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  1. I have been not visited your website in quite a while so I am enjoying catching up on you comings and goings with family and friends. You have a busy life of leisure (a guess this is an oxymoron).

    Larch here is more often called tamarack. There is quite a bit of it and has a quite beautiful fall colour.