Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Wheels and Family

The new wheels are NOT a new tow vehicle. Our 2008 Chevy 2500HD is doing just fine. Last winter, as we planned our Alaska trip, we knew we wouldn't need our very old, rusty, limited value bikes on that journey. We decided to give them away, put the bike rack that goes on the front of our truck into storage, and buy new wheels when we returned from the trip. That is what we did this week.

We bought two new bikes at the Bike Source store in Littleton.

They are comfortable and easy to ride with hand brakes and variable gears. We like them and will enjoy using them in the two state parks we stay in here and in Arizona.

Saturday we asked our son to take us on a tour of Costco. We know lots of RVers swear by this store and wanted to see if we should join, too. It turned into a family outing, with Eric, Liz, Kylie and John showing us what they liked about the store.

Eric and the two grandchildren were fascinated with the IntelliSeat toilet that doesn't need toilet paper because it includes a water-cleaning wand and warm air dryer. Could you ask for more?

Grandson John loved this big bear.

We saw lots of things we would buy, if we had a larger house and a larger freezer. But we decided we would have to work hard at making the membership worth it, so we didn't hand over the $50 for a year's access.

From there, we went to Summerset in Littleton, an end-of-summer fair with loads of people, lots of booths and a car show.

We saw lots of old and newer cars that are cherished and spruced up by their owners. I think this green car may be an old Ford.

Eric and Liz are very active in their community and both teach in Littleton schools, so they knew lots of people there at the gathering. When John II spotted the bungee jumping area, he wanted to take a ride (if that is what you call it). After a long wait, he was fitted into the harness.

Soon he was bouncing high in the sky.

This is Kylie and her mom, Liz.

And Eric with his dad.

Every morning I try to go for a 3-mile walk here in the park, while John does his run. I stopped running in April because of the arthritis in my knee. This week I bought new shoes, then tried to run a little. I am now up to running 1 mile in short segments. Maybe it was the shoes, not my knee, that was causing the problem. I sure hope so. I like to run.

Most mornings when I am out, I see hot air balloons in the air. These 3 were out yesterday.

And this one, named freedom, was skimming so close to the lake surface, we worried it might go in the drink. It didn't.

We have also had great sunsets here at Chatfield.

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  1. Wish you a warm winter in Arizona.
    "See" you next Spring,we are "Closed" for the season.