Friday, May 29, 2009

Power Out and Birds

This mentally-ill Rufous-sided Towhee lives near our trailer. He keeps looking at his reflection in our truck grill and bumper or in the mirror mounted above the RV hitch. Bang, bang, bang--he is either fighting the bird he sees or frustrated because that image won't play with him. I wake up in the morning to hear him hitting the RV at 5:30 am. We feel sorry for him, but don't know how to help.

Yesterday was laundry and grocery shopping day. We drove into Walsenburg to do the wash. While the clothes were in the dryer, we walked over to the Safeway parking lot and bought Mexican food out of a Class C motor home that is permanently parked there and often has large numbers of customers. We decided to check it out. The food was good! We sat in the truck to eat it, periodically going in to the laundromat to fold clothes. All of a sudden, the lights went out and the last dryer stopped working. Oh oh.

We finished lunch and folded all the dry clothes, then decided to take the damp load back to the RV and hang those items outside. It was a warm, calm day. We stopped by Safeway on the way and found their power was out, too, and so the store wasn't in business--no lights and no cash registers.

After taking out clothes home and doing haircuts, we drove back into town and Safeway was still closed, so we drove to Trinidad to the Safeway there. They have a gas station and we discovered he had four 10 cent a gallon discounts coming--we bought a tank of diesel for $1.79.9 per gallon! I wish it was always that cheap.

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