Monday, May 11, 2009

Meeting an Old Friend

We were driving down the road at Lathrop today when I saw a truck and 5th wheel approaching. "Stop that trailer. It has the TV antenna still up," I told John. He flashed the headlights, slowed down, opened the window and waved at the driver, who stopped next to us on the road. John got out and approached the other driver, when that man shouted "John" and got out of his truck.
Bob is an old friend from the Denver area. He and his wife, Lindsay, were members of St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church, where John was rector in the 1990s and they were good friends. Bob is the realtor who helped us find our home in Centennial and they bought our Coleman pop-up camper when we bought our first 5th wheel. We helped them get into RVing and they moved from the pop-up to a Hi-Lo and now they have a 5th wheel and camp most weekends of the summer. Bob was on his way to Durango to do some work in the southwestern corner of the state. What a shame we didn't know he was here last night. We would have enjoyed a long visit.
In the past few months, since we hit the road full-time, we have seen more friends and had more contact with people than we ever did living in the stick house and retired. What a great time we are having.
With one exception. We caught one mouse in a trap yesterday, one overnight. At least they are in the basement, not in the kitchen. The foam we used to fill holes beneath the stove must have done the job.

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