Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Friends

This week we saw more friends. On Thursday morning I walked down to Martin Lake to take some photos of reflections on the water before the wind came up. It was so quiet and I could hear birds all around me. When I returned to the trailer, John was gone and I figured he had gone looking for me. When I left he was doing his workout.

In a little while, I looked out the window and saw an old friend from Boulder. I hurried to the door and found John and our friends Larry and Betty. They were on the way to Albuquerque and had stopped in Walsenburg for breakfast, then came by to see us. We had a great visit for over half an hour before they had to be on their way again.

We finally had three days off this week. We also finished installing and painting some signs on the Hogback Trail and added lots of new stock to the store's inventory. For three days we keep the Camp Store open for a few hours. We also have taken on the responsibility of cleaning fire pits and barbeque grills. Since only one of us needs to be in the store at one time, that is something the other person can be out doing. We both enjoy jobs that take us outside.

By the way, we have caught two more mice this week. YUK!

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