Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ordinary Week

It's been a fairly ordinary week for us. We work Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday each week. The Camp Store is open those days. In addition, our duties include cleaning the two restrooms in the Camp Store building and cleaning fire pits. We enjoy the opportunity to work outside when we are cleaning the pits.

Last weekend the store was not too busy. But it sure has been this weekend. The Memorial Day Weekend campers were eager to come in and buy ice cream, ice and various items they had forgotten. That is really the purpose of the store. First thing Friday morning the "Campground Full" sign was set up at the park entrance. Thursday evening we received a lot of rain, but so far the weekend has been cool, but dry. Many of the campers are families, with lots of children. That means we sell lots of ice cream.

Tuesday we spent time in the Huerfano County Courthouse in Walsenburg, searching records to see if my ancestors who lived in Las Animas County south of here had also spent time here. Apparently, they didn't. We also toured the Walsenburg Mining Museum. The area has extensive coal and was actively mined for many years.

Wednesday we drove to La Veta, a small town 14 miles northwest, to do our laundry. The laundromat is much nicer than the one in Walsenburg—clean, with a change machine and rest room. Unfortunately, the machines are more expensive and the dryers weren't very hot. We will probably return to Walsenburg in the future.

Last Sunday I dropped our small camera and broke it. I was afraid I had lost the photos on it because it wouldn't download them in its broken state. On Thursday we drove to Wal-Mart in Pueblo—a 47 mile drive—and were able to buy another small Nikon Coolpix camera. In addition to the fact it takes even better photos than the old one, I was able to use the same storage card and download the photos from the old camera onto our computer. I really can't continue to break the camera just to get an upgraded version. But it wasn't tooo expensive an accident.

While we were in Pueblo, we also visited a Verizon store. Our two-year contract on the Sprint broadband card expired earlier this month. Our research indicates that Verizon has better coverage and there is no issue with roaming charges. We have 30 days to test the new card and return it without penalty if we don't like it. So far, we think it is at least as good as the Sprint card and they both cost the same.

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