Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Mouse!

Saturday morning I walked over to the kitchen counter for my first cup of coffee and Horrors, what did I see? Mouse droppings. Now, this is nothing new to RVers who are parked in open country or near fields, or who have put their rig in storage somewhere. But the familiarity doesn't make it any more welcome. I told John, cleaned up the droppings, and then decided to have my coffee before we searched any further.

When I did search, I found nothing under the sink, nothing in drawers. Droppings were only on the counter and in the stove. A couple of hours later, we started work on removing the stove. Not an easy task. How do they put those screws in so tight? But eventually we prevailed and found three large holes around wiring and the gas line.

We were off the the lumber yard in town for expanding foam. John filled the holes and we crossed our fingers.

At bedtime, I baited two mouse traps with cheese, covered the stove and counter with newspaper and placed the traps there. We were relieved to find neither trap had been set off this morning. We will keep trying. If we find any more, you'll hear about it in the days to come.

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  1. One time I had a whole family in my fifth wheel, although they did stay in the bays. I caught a total of nine with peanut butter.