Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Recreation and a Flat Tire

From Albuquerque, we moved on east and north to the Whittington NRA Center near Raton, New Mexico.  This facility has 17 shooting ranges and two nice campgrounds.  We have stayed here several times and this visit we decided to do some shooting.

All the gunshots don't seem to phase the wildlife in  the area. We saw this mule deer in our campsite the first day we were there.

These are three of the five deer we saw one day while we walked around the campground.

There are also numerous antelope (or pronghorn) on the property.

This was a site we didn't want to see. When we went out Sunday morning, one of the tires on our truck was flat!

John used our compressor to fill the errant tire. Then we searched online and on the phone for some place in Raton that could repair the tire on a Sunday morning.

We did get the tire repaired at Mesa Tires in town and were then able to grocery shop before returning to our campsite.

On a more positive side, look at this stunning sunrise John saw one morning.

From Whittington, we were on to Colorado.


  1. Definitely not what you want to see on any vehicle.
    When you constantly hear a sound you tend to ignore it because you know what it is. Same with the animals.
    Beautiful Scenery and Sunrise.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Colorado.

    It's about time.

    1. Glad we discovered the flat before driving the truck. Otherwise, would have probably needed a new tire, not just a quick repair.