Friday, June 12, 2020

Trinidad Hiking

We have been able to do quite a bit of hiking during our 5 days here at Trinidad Lake State Park.  I wrote about Capulin Volcano.  We also walked the Sunset Trail along the lake two days.  This morning, on our last day here, we hiked part of the Levsa and Reilly Canyon trails.

From the campground, we picked up the rock-strewn trail through the Pinon, Juniper and Lodgepole Pine forest.

At times we had good view of Trinidad Lake.

Trees and tree trunks are fascinating.  If you look at the dead log extending to the right, you can see what look like strands of rope, all in a bundle.   This tree must have broken and fallen over years ago.  On the left side you can see how those rope-like strands made up the trunk of the tree.  I can almost see each strand as a straw, drinking up water and nutrients from the soil.

John took this photo of me on our hike today.

I'm not sure this photo shows how each needle on the tree shines or reflects light.  It was almost like it was covered with dew, but it was late enough in the morning the dew had dried up.

As we returned from our hike, we had a good view of our truck and trailer down in the campground.

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