Thursday, June 11, 2020

Volcanoes and Lightening

We can only begin to understand the forces that shaped our earth by reading what others have discovered and by exploring some of the natural places where those forces are displayed.  Yesterday, we went to Capulin Volcano near Raton, New Mexico.

As we looked out from the rim of the volcano, we saw another old volcano across the valley.   As we gazed at that peak, we remembered our first visit to Capulin, perhaps 15 years ago.  As we were standing on the  rim, two jets flew by--down in the valley below where we were standing.  That was quite a shock.

Yesterday, nothing like that happened.

This is the view looking down into the base of the volcano.  A paved, steep trail leads down there.

As we walked the trail, we saw beautiful lichens of various colors growing on the volcanic rock.


This sign gives some valuable information.  We have enough experience to know to avoid being exposed in a lightning storm. That became very clear when we volunteered at Bryce Canyon 15 years ago.  When you are  the highest object on the rim of the canyon, you make a good target for lightening.


During one storm that we watched from the safety of our home in Denver, a young man stepped out of his house across the street and was killed by a bolt of lightning.

I love ladybugs.  I sure didn't know they summered and laid eggs in this volcano.


  1. I was last there in the mid 90's, been trying to take Dave since we hit the road, between snow, private function and washed out road to the top he has yet to get to the top.

  2. Maybe you will make it this year?