Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Touring the Las Vegas Strip

There are lots of reasons to go to the Las Vegas Strip--gambling, taking in the shows, big name restaurants.  We were interested in getting lots of pictures and eating at a burger and steak restaurant--Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill at Caesar's Palace. We have been watching the Food Network for years and Bobby Flay is a really top chef--he wins almost every contest he enters, as well as hosting his own shows.

We were seated right next to the open kitchen where we watched the chefs cook meat on a grill and the griddle then plate the meals.  We enjoyed watching them.

John ordered the pork tenderloin sandwich

and I asked for the chili con-queso burger--both served with southwestern fries.

We strolled through the Forum Shops, looking at expensive clothing, outrageous shoes and numerous jewelry stores.  We didn't buy a thing.

This little boy like these lighted benches.

A look down the main street toward El Mirage Casino.

The Venitian makes you think you really are in Venice with water and gondolas

I think this is a statue of Poseidon.   Any one have other ideas?

I loved watching these fountains.  The water moved to the accompanying music.

This was another fountain down the street.

These are next to the pirate ship at the Excalibur.

These unusual chairs were in the Forum Shops.

We enjoyed our lunch and the stoll down the Strip, but I doubt we will return. I have all the pictures I need and we can find Food Network chef restaurants elsewhere. We were first in Las Vegas about 49 years ago. My parents loved going there and took us along. It really isn't our cup of tea today.

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  1. It's been eleven years since we've been to Vegas but like yourselves it isn't our cup of Tea anymore.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your wanderings.

    It's about time.