Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Walking in England

We walk everywhere we can, aiming for 10,000 steps a day. We averaged over that during our 8+ weeks in England. And we saw so many wonderful things.

After a good night's sleep, we walked around London when we arrived in the country. We walked around the area of Buckingham Palace and admired these beautiful gates in front of the palace.

Then we walked through St. James Park where we spotted this blue heron.

After a few days in Birmingham, we moved on to Widdop Gate Barn near Hepden Bridge. We walked daily down a hill behind our cottage to a stream. The scenery there was so pretty and so green.

While we stayed in the Sand Wath apartment near Penrith, we walked down a narrow trail and came on this pond on one of our walks.

Our next stop was in the Nant Las cabin in Wales. What a wonderful place.

The most memorable image from the area surrounding Rowleze Cottage was the massive trees. England has fertile soil and abundant moisture and the trees grow to great size--both in height and trunk size.

The most picturesque place on the trip was Boscastle in Cornwall. We were right on the rugged Cornwall coast.

We enjoyed walking around the Plymouth harbor. This sailboat was really impressive.

Some of the lanes in Plymouth are very narrow.

We met this gallant gentleman.

Then we were on to Bournemouth. As we walked along the beach we saw this train track going straight up the cliff.

And these children delighting in the waves.

People had small storage sheds along the beach where they stored chairs and could cook something to eat.

Folkestone has a busy harbor, too.

We walked along the coastal path.

And also found narrow roads in town.

In Norwich we found an elegant covered shopping area as well as one not so elegant.

There was a colorful outdoor market.

This was once a gate through the original city wall.

Norwich has a canal running through the city and we enjoyed seeing what goes on there.

In the median of one of the roads in the city we saw another piece of the original city wall.

We returned to London where we would fly back to Arizona. We walked by this church.

We walked around Hyde Park, where we saw this interesting gate, some beautiful flowers and an interesting tree.

We also passed these mounted guards and Parliament building.

London has an ethnically diverse population and we saw many Muslim women and young girls in the city.

It was certainly a memorable trip. We are so happy we experienced all of these places as we celebrated our 75th birthdays!

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