Friday, October 05, 2018

Tiny Houses

Most people would say we live in a tiny house.  As a matter of fact, we have been living tiny since 2009 when we moved out of our house and into out Montana 5th-wheel trailer. Today we live in our 719 sq. ft. house in Gold Canyon half the year and our 218 sp. ft. Airstream trailer most of the rest of the time.

Last Saturday we went to an open house for a tiny house community in Phoenix that is being built to provide affordable housing for veterans and the homeless.  These home have 288 square feet.  Either small or large, depending on your outlook.  The houses were interesting but a little sparse. They aren't like a fully-decorated RV and they are certainly smaller than our Gold Canyon house. But they look affordable and a big improvement over living on the street or with family.

There were a number of people there to look at the tiny home concept.

This is the kitchen/living room of the first home we looked at.

The small dining table folds down against the wall when not in use, providing more open space in the room.

This is the bedroom at the rear.  The bathroom is to the left just before the bedroom.

Here is the bathroom in another house and below the living room in the second house.

There wasn't enclosed closet space in any of the 3 houses we looked at, but one of them did have some designated storage space.

These homes are apparently built to be as inexpensive as possible. Other than a small but fairly well-equipped kitchen, they are very basic. We watch a program on TV about building tiny houses that are much more well-equipped and versatile than these homes but I am sure they are more expensive, as well. The Phoenix tiny homes are certainly better than tiny apartments or no individual housing at all. And they provide both a yard and the space for lots of improvements inside after the residents get settled. We are glad we went to see them, but have no intention of buying one for ourselves.

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