Thursday, August 16, 2018

Lake District

It looks like the Brits are people who know how to enjoy a good summer holiday. We spent 5 days in Lake Country and we saw caravan parks, holiday cottages and hotels absolutely everywhere. Think the Finger Lakes of New York, Dollywood in Tennessee, or Grand Lake, Colorado.

Caravan Parks

The views from our National Trust apartment called Sand Wath in the Temple Sowerby Manor were over lush green hills, stone walls and a flock of sheep. Oh, how we enjoyed watching those sheep! They have come to symbolize rural England to me.

We would walk downstairs from our apartment, out through the Acorn Bank garden, then down the path toward the grist mill or, perhaps, the gypsum mine. There were majestic trees and thick undergrowth. Often, we passed other walkers and families sharing a picnic.

Grist Mill

 Gypsum Mine

Majestic Trees

We drove to Ullswater Lake through the village of Pooley Bridge and across the Eamont River. The lake, when we could see through the trees, was pretty with the Ullswater Steamers and fishing boats. The Steamers are steam-powered tour boats.

Pooley Bridge is a really old village that was mobbed with folks on holiday. There were certainly more visitors than locals. We saw some cute shops.

After our morning outing to Ullswater, we returned to Sand Wath in the manor house, enjoyed lunch and went for a walk.

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