Friday, November 08, 2013

We Didn't Want to Do It

What, you ask?  We didn't want a truck with dual real wheels.  This spring, when we began thinking about buying a new truck and a new Mobile Suites 5th wheel trailer, we did our due diligence.  We researched the dry weight and pin weight of several models of MS RVs and chose the shortest, lightest one they make.  Granted, it is heavier than our Montana, but that is why we upgraded from a 3/4 ton 2500 HD to a 1 ton 3500 HD Chevy Silverado.  We could see that there was enough additional carrying and towing capacity to accommodate the RV we wanted.  So, we bought the truck.  Then, we bought the trailer.

On our way from the dealer in Kansas to our site here in Arizona, we pulled into the Pilot truck stop in Amarillo and had our truck and trailer weighed.  Then we began looking at the numbers.  Oops!  We were overweight on the rear axle and exceeded the GCWR--gross combined weight rating of the truck.  In both cases, we were overweight by 800 pounds.

We have spent the last two and a half weeks trying to figure out how to loose some weight.  Absolutely nothing seemed to work.  We think we could removed the Reese 5th wheel hitch and the bed saver and the truck tool box and it contents-- and neither of us could get in the truck.  Somehow, those didn't seem to be good solutions.  And we knew we wanted to be both safe and in compliance with the listed weight ratings.

It turned out our own only solution would be a different trailer or a different truck.  Trading in the truck was the better option.  So yesterday, we traded this

for this.

Plus, the new truck is one and a half feet longer--duallys only come with a long bed. So, we have to learn new ways to negotiate corners and park, especially in parking lots.

I guess the good news is, we will get more exercise walking from the south 40 of the parking lots. And, the new truck color matches one shade on our Mobile Suites!

We didn't want to do it....we didn't want to do it...but we did.


  1. Good luck with the new truck, I know one is in our future in the next few years.

  2. Good move,now you have to be more careful when you park the truck as it is wider.
    Happy travels.