Saturday, November 16, 2013

Patio Sale

Today was the annual fall patio sale at Valle del Oro. For perhaps the third year, we tried to sell a few things. This is what we put out this morning.

If we had sold everything here at the price marked, we would have raked in $300 or so. Was it a success? Well, yes and no.

The items marked by the #1 went the best. They were free, wouldn't you know.

The air compressor, #2, was priced at $150. When it was loaded up, we took $15. 10%, not bad?

The cooler, #3, brought in $3. It was priced at $5.

The small heater, #4, brought full price, $5.

And I accepted $1.35 for two $1 items.

Our take? $24.35. That is the most we have ever made at one of the patio sales, so on the whole we are happy. We still have to find a home for the rest of the stuff. Goodwill, here we come. Here is what was left.

If we need a day job, I don't think selling used items is a good idea for us.

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